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Manual Roller Blind System
roller curtains,ready made roller blinds
The roller blinds with lateral control are blinds with manual operation with bead chain, the bead chain control can be placed on the right or left side, The bead and clutch system raises and lowers the system ,the material of bead is metal and plastic. we offer many roller shade hardware and parts for the professional DIY; also offer solar screen fabrics and black out fabric are available in a variety to chose.
Accessories List
Roller blind bracket
M3806 Bracket
Roller blind repair
M3805 Bracket
 Roller shade parts
M3801 Bracket
Roller blind kit
M3803 Bracket
Roller blind component,roller blind plastic chain
Plastic bead chain
Connector of bead chain
Roller blind tube
38mm aluminum tube
Roller blind bottom beam
Heavy bottom rail
Roller shade bottom rail
Round bottom rail
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