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  Fabric List
  ·Solar Screen Fabric
  ·Blackout Fabric
  ·Printing Fabric
Misdar offer fabric will be used for roller blinds, skylight blinds, awning and other sun control shade system.
Solar screen fabric
Solar screen fabric are designed to filter out natural light, rather than block it out. These materials effectively reduce heat absorption and prevent heat and cold loss. roller blind fabric minimize worker fatigue and eyestrain by effectively reducing the amount of glare on computer monitors. While they provide substantial protection against fading, unlike other forms of window coverings, solar screens also preserve an outside view. Most roller shade fabrics are low maintenance and washable, bacteria resistant, and fire retardant, making them an optimal solution for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and commercial applications.
Polyester sloar screen fabric provide a significant reduction in solar heat-gain and greater comfort from the radiant component of sunshine.
Our polyester solar screen fabric collection comes in different weaving styles, different colours.
Fabric are available in the following widths: 160cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm.
Solar fabric can be availabled in a variety of openness factors:1%, 3%, 5% , 8%, 10%
Blackout fabric
Blackout fabric are designed to filter out all light from entering a room.
They provide significant heat protection and instant privacy, making them an ideal choice for conference rooms, bedrooms, and home theaters.
Fabric can be availabled in the following widths: 200cm, 250cm.
Printing fabric
Fashion beautiful colors, gorgeous and elegant, elegant Tianshi breath, crystal texture, indoor warm conditions, so that infiltration of living arts, wonderful life to fashion, there are innocent childhood, cheerful songs, bright galaxy, it is reverie unlimited.
Fabric can be availabled in the following widths: 200cm.
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