Solar Screen Fabric
Polyester sloar screen fabric provide a significant reduction in solar heat-gain and greater comfort from the radiant component of sunshine. Solar screen fabricOur polyester solar screen fabric collection comes in different weaving styles, different colours and are available in the following widths: 1700mm/2000mm/2500mm/3000mm, Openness Factor: 1%, 3%, 5% , 8%, 10%
Polyester screen has the following long lasting characteristics:
  • Flame proof
  • Superior Dimensional stability / Tensile Strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Energy saving
  • No curling or waving
    Blackout Fabric
    Our Blockout Roller Blinds are a perfect choice when looking for privacy and light control.Blackout fabricOur cloths are a high blockout and will provide an excellent room darkening feature. Blackout Roller Blinds provide the ultimate level of privacy for light blocking, insulating and protection for furnishings. The collections offer a range of plain wipe clean, flame retardant and fabrics suitable for moist environments making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens
    Printing Home Series
    Fashion beautiful colors, gorgeous and elegant, elegant Tianshi breath, crystal texture, indoor warm conditions, so that infiltration of living arts, wonderful life to fashion, there are innocent childhood, cheerful songs, bright galaxy, it is reverie unlimited.   Printing fabric