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ME3600 Electric curtain System

Curtain motors,window coveringsElectronic curtain system is one solution of window treatment, it is the good choice for interior covering , decorating, at present, we adopted motorized curtain rail to pull the straight curtain.

Misdar can provide electric curtain system to achieve the wireless control,so you can control the curtain at the bed easily, fully enjoyed the life.it is the best choice for big window treatment, suitable for hotel, home,meeting room, and apartment etc.

ME3600 drape motor has powerful functionin:
  • Silent design
  • Elegant operation
  • Electronic memory limit
  • Built-in receiver
  • Resistance with stop
  • Start by light touch
  • Manual function when power off
  • Connection with the smart home system
  • Compatible and multiple ( power directly control,dry contact control, RS232/RS485 control )
  • Application with Iphone and Android system
  • Zig-bee communication technic
The track system can be done in ripple folded effect:
ripple folded curtain
ripple folded drapery curtain

automatic curtain system,motorized curtain track

Key Features

  • This motorized curtains system easy to install , do not need to set up the location, will stop automatically,
    adopted AC 230V/50Hz
  • When the curtain motor working last for 4 minutes, the motor will stop to show the hot protect status, after 10 minutes, it will recovery to normal use.
  • The motor used the quiet design and large load, can be done for big window like 8m, the maximum load is 50kgs
  • Drape motor used the build-in radio, steadily characters, quiet . When installed, the remote can control the curtain open and close ,also you can control the curtain where you want it to stop.
  • Curtain motor has build-in clutch, transferred by belt, you can also pull the curtain when no electricity
  • When you pull the curtain to driver the motor, the electric drapes system will open and close where you want
  • The drapes system will stop when met any block, so this can avoid any damage due to the outside reason
  • ME3600 electric curtain system can be do curve shape for curve window
  • Control methods: wireless remote, connect with smart home system and other automation system

electronic curtain system

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