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Electric Roller blinds Automatic Curtain tracks
Motorized shades, Roller shades The electric roller blind that controlled by remote and automatic ,solar sunscreen and black out fabric can be chose for the window treatment like high and large window Motorized curtain,Motorized curtain tracks Automatic curtain track can be made in straight, curved or angled motorized curtain rails, quiet design and easy operation, suitable for hotel and apartment, applicable for the Android and Iphone
Electric Venetian Blinds Wood venetian blinds
motorized venetian blinds The electric venetian blind can collect the light from the slat rotate ,easy operate to control up and down,aluminium,wood and bamboo material Wooden venetian blinds Natural wood material basswood material from the resourcable material with different colours coating.
The main function appeals are lighting adjust and interior decoration.
Silhouette Blinds Honeycomb Blinds
silhouette shades The construction of silhouette shades is ingenious,soft and beautiful,rolling fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers, it also called shangri-la blinds. Honeycomb blind Honeycomb blinds is a interior decorative blinds, insulate via the unique hexagonal shaped cells, that hold still air in the pockets.
External Venetian Blinds Electric Roman Blinds
External venetian blinds Outdoor venetian blinds are mainly used for outdoor wallof office building,which is a kind of environment-friendly construction materials blocking sunlight outside. roman blind Motorized roman blinds is a pulling cloth curtain.it is simpler comparing with traditional flat open blinds which gets greater sense of interior space.
Window Opener Motorized Sun Louver
Window opener Motorized window opener system use electronic device to drive various interior and exterior windows to open and close automatically. Sun louver Electric sun louver system is used on the outside of building that use aluminum sheet.Adjustable venetian slat can be adjusted angle turn to the amount of light into the interior.
Skylight Blind System   Electric Lift & Donw System
Skylight shades system Skylight shades function: sun-shading, anti-dizzy,prevent interior temperature effects and reduce energy consumption.
Applicable glass ceiling, sun room.
banners and logo lift system Motorized logo lift is a kind of product with motorised control function,which can solve the problem of inconvenient manual installation of banners and logo lifts .
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