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Motorized roller blinds

electric roller blinds,motorized roller blind Motorized roller blinds, which are also known as roller shades, offer convenience and ease of electric operation for almost any window application, and are especially useful for hard to reach or large windows.

All Misdar solutions are available with a variety of controls, from simple switches to intelligent sun-tracking systems that incorporate sun/wind sensors and integrate with the building management systems.

Many fabric solutions for your select , solar screen fabric, blackout fabric, pattern, many different styles and colours can be availabled.
Key Features
  • Electronic roller shade is driven by tubular motors( AC 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz ) to lift or down you roller blinds. can be availabled,Use different hardware according to different size.
  • The systems are easy to operate. It is possible to open or close multiple shades with the touch of a switch, or the click of a mouse
  • Electirc roller blind systems are a good option for shading large windows, as the weight of an oversized shade can make it hard to operate
  • Different fabric(solar screen fabric,blackout fabric and others) to attach different shade effect
  • One motor control two fabric(Horizontal、90degree--180degree angle)、one motor three fabric
  • Control methods:Wireless、Infrared、Switch、Group、Incoporate with Smart Home System Etc
  • Suitable for apartment、flat、hotel、office、meeting room、exhibition hall etc
System Description
Automatic roller blind,motorised roller shades

Automatic roller blind Large-scale ,normally 200'' in height, the better to use guide wire to prvent shade movement
Guide wires and other solutions to prevent shade movement due to ventilation systems

Roller tubes designed to prevent deflection even at the largest sizes.

Steel tubes up to 12 inches, plus custom sizes
Available guide wire and hembar systems to ensure optimal shade performance

Remote shades,motorised roller blinds

Motorized blackout shades

Remote window blinds, blinds motorized

Window roller blinds, roller shade

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