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Spring Roller Blind

Spring Roller Blind Spring operated roller blinds in made to measused to the size that the customer requested Stain resistant fabrics with light filtering properties help reduce the effects of longterm exposure to sun rays minimizing the risk of damages.

Easy to position at any point on the window frame as they are controlled through a spring operated centre pull system, these roll up shades in numerous designs can help protect interiors, achieve maximum amount of privacy and reduce noise pollution at the same time.
Key Features
  • Mechanical system makes the roller blind work smoothly and quietly
  • A special lock device that ensures easy and accurate positioning
  • Outlay position fitting: a device that can avoid friction noise when the roller shade goes up to the top and the upper limit of the blind
  • Slow roller-up system provides effective, smooth and gentle raising operation
  • One piece of operating chain to control two blinds
  • Stop at any position when rolling up the blind: pull the lower tube downwards about 3 cm
  • Easy installation: Ceiling bracket for ceiling mounting, without additional bracket for walling mounting
  • Components: Control Unit, Aluminum head rail, 38 mm upper tube, any kind of lower tube
System Description
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