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Electrical Roman Blind

motorized roman blind Motorized roman blind effects can be created. Using loop tape, soft, natural folds result. For a crisp modern look (hardfold), steel rods are inserted into tubular tapes that have been sewn horizontally at 20-25cm intervals. Rod rings are spaced as required.

Cord is again threaded though to the headrail and locking mechanism. also you can select control by manual (all hardware and accessories we will provide in high quality )

The heading is simply pressed onto the headrail. The effect here is a hard structured fold.

By omitting alternate steel rods in the blind, a semi-hard fold is produced with clearly defined panels but soft folds.

All Misdar solutions are available with a variety of controls, from simple switches to intelligent sun-tracking systems that incorporate sun/wind sensors and integrate with the building management systems.
Key Features
  • AC(230V/50Hz or 120/60Hz) or DC motor diver
  • Promote fabric with steel wire
  • Water wave or trapezoid effect
  • Control methods:Wireless、Infrared、Manual etc
  • Suitable for apartment、hotel、coffee bar、flat etc
System Description

Electric roman blind system

Motorised roman blinds is a pulling cloth.Roman blinds is simpler comparing with traditional flat open blinds which gets greater sense of interior space.

Comparing with the pull-blinds,pleats make the window more sense of beauty.The fabric has widely selection range.

Roman shade can be made by general fabric texture.there are two kinds: translucent and shading fabric.

The surface of motorized roman blinds is simple,smooth,natural and fresh with the sun,heat,and dust ventilation,comfort,cool, and others

Hanging in the room,creating harmony and simplicity sense which make us feel comfortable.It is the best choice in the summer for home and restaurant.

Anti-UV roman blinds: nowadays,as people's health awareness strengthen, the sun's ultraviolet radiation is the main reason for damaging the floor, carpet,furniture, curtains artwork.

It causes skin cancer if under the sun a long time.That anti-UV spinning roman shades can easily become a new favorite for home decoration.

Roman blinds thermal insulation: insulation roman blinds, besides decorative functions, the material of blinds, function and comfort is linked with our health and daily life.

Widely use ranges, it's normal used in home, hotel, coffee shop, villas, banquet hall and other high-end entertainment sites.

Electric roman shades

Electrical roman blinds

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