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Electric Venetian Blinds

electric venetian blind,mini blindsDesigned on the basis of a large specialty motorized venetian blinds, combine the solar performance of a standard blind with the added ability to reflect daylight through the upper portion of the system.

Misdar motorised venetian blinds not only provide shading, but also feature uniquely designed ladder tapes that allow daylight through upper portions of the blind.

The upper slats serve as an integrated "light shelf" that moves natural light further into the space.

Misdar electric venetian blinds keeps virtue and improve the longevity and practicability of the venetain blinds. The control system including wireless remote,wind,light and group control.
Key Features
  • Slat use 16 mm,25 mm,35mm,50mm slats, material: aluminium,wooden,bamboo.
  • many slat colours to choose. Also perforated slats available for 25 mm slats
  • The system can be equipped with side-guide wires and can therefore be used for sloped applications up to 15° inclination.
  • The top stack of the slats can measure up to 12% of the blind drop (depending on slat widths and make-up). Please refer to the specific stack height charts
  • The system can be easily fitted with snap brackets on ceilings or walls
  • AC or DC motor to drive, low noise and large loading, collect the lightings through adjust slat angle
  • Maximum width: 2.5m, maximum height: 3.4m, maximum area: 4.5m square
  • Intelligent control: wireless, infrared, manual and group control
System Description

Motorized venetian blind system
Indoor electronic venetian blinds use slat to adjust and guide the light by the ropewinder system to drive the blinds up and down,it install indoor or between double-layer glass, it is easy to be cleaned,maintained and installed, so it has long using file.

It is widely used in office building,hotel,reading room,meeting room partition wall, bathroom and washroom partition wall, etc. The blinds can be used separately and also can be used with other window products.

The main choosing reasons are color,hole opening and coated fabric's heat emission effect; the main function appeals are light adjusting, sun-shading and heat insulation.

Automatic venetian blinds

motorised blind,motorized wood blinds

Remote venetian blinds

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