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     Motorized Roller blinds
Motorized roller blinds, Roller shades
Electric roller shades use 230V or 120V motor, solar screen fabric or blackout fabric can be availabled. wireless,infrared can be achieved, also can connect with smart home system, normally used for apartment,hotel,office and exhibition hall.
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Misdar Shade offers the largest selection of high quality window blinds, window treatment products, solar control products and shading systems. Our selection includes a vast array of roller blinds,honeycom blinds,venetian blinds, electric roman blinds, wooden blinds,silhouette blinds (shangri-la Blinds),drapery systems, curtain motors, sun louver, exterior shade systems, motorized control systems, complete blackout systems, sheer shades, skylight shading systems, sunroom shade solutions, roof-light blinds, skylight & window opener and much more. More important we can provide ready made blinds, you can easy to installation by yourself. All products can be controlled by manual or electrical,we have helped create buildings that are comfortable, healthy, and productive.
     Motorized Drapery Curtain System
Motorized curtain tracks
The curtain motors have clutch,you can pull curtain when no lectricity.wireless, infrared can be achieved, also can connect with smart home system, Suitable for apartment,hotel and meeting room.
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     Honeycomb Blinds
Honeycomb shade
Honeycomb blind come in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics to give you a choice in light control, it is a interior decorative blinds, that are popular in hotels and high-end residential.
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     Silhouette blinds
Shangri-La Blinds
Silhouette blind has many kinds of fabric for your choice,feature two sheer fabric facings over soft fabric vanes. it is operated through traditional pull cords and electric remote.
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     Roman Blinds
Motorized roman blinds
Roman blinds is simpler comparing with traditional flat open blinds which gets greater sense of interior space, it can be made by general fabric texture, there are translucent and shading fabric.
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     Wood Blinds
Wood venetian blind
The material is faux wood, can make in motorized and manual. adjust the slat by remote transmitter,many colours can be availabled.suitable for apartment, flat,office and meeting room.
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     Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds
Misdar offers a range that elevates vertical blinds to a new level of home fashion with a wide choice,they are practical and stylish and are the most versatile of all the blinds, look simple,pretty.
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     Aluminum Venetian Blinds
Electric venetian blinds
Manual and motorized venetian blinds for your choose light via overturn the angle of blind,many colours of slat for your choice from.suitable for apartment, flat,office and meeting room.
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     Roof Skylight Canopy Blinds
Roof canopy blinds

Skylight canopy shade system are available in styles including folding or roman shades, flat roller shades. It for sun-shading, anti-dizzy,prevent interior temperature effects and reduce energy consumption.

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     Roof Skylight Sun Louver
Roof skylight sunshade
Roof louver shade system designed for zero solar heat gain by shutting out light, wireless remote control.
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     Curtain Rails
Curtain tracks
Used aluminium material and high quality hardware accessories ,push the curtain lightly.
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     Blind fabric
Solar screen fabric
solar screen fabric and black out fabric,suitable for roller shades,
skylight shading.
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     Motor & Control System
Tubular motor
Didfferent specification motor for your selection,suitable for curtains and blinds,wireless motorized control.
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